Daisy and Dave
Daisy and Dave

Daisy and Dave, they both had a dream
To start a family with each other
The biggest one you have ever seen
They would never see kids as a bother

So they bought a house and they moved
They stayed together for years
Their love sharply improved
Together with their greatest fears

They tried every night to give life
tried it in the most possible ways
It seemed they’d stay husband and wife
forever without a child to raise

Many years passed them by
They only lived half every day
Every night they prayed, asking why
But God didn’t had anything to say

They waited so long for an answer
And they’d given up all their hope
Then suddenly Daisy got cancer
She was at the end of the rope

After a long while, she felt like dying
Dave came by her bed, helt her tight
She did nothing accept for crying
And she cried all through the night

Then something happened, very slow
Her tears all came together
And they rapidly started to grow
The shape became much better

In a short moment it was done
What they saw, they couldn’t believe
Before them, stood a son
Who immediately took away their grieve

And the woman she cried again
But only tears of such happiness
And the boy hugged the sick woman
And there is no need to guess

How happy this family became
Now they finally had their kid
They could live without any shame
But Daisy didn’t got better any bit

And on a foggy Thursday night
Dave and her son stood by her bed
Holding her ‘till the morning light
The three of them feeling so sad

But then Daisy took their hands
And smiled to them, so sweet
Saying, ‘I am happy that it ends
With my family at my feet’

They held her hands so tight
When she closed her eyes
And somehow it did feel right
When she finally dies

And the son and his father
For a long time they cry
and they comfert each other
It’s hard to say goodbye

And after that things go fast
Daisy gets her own dear grave
And they forget about the past
Now its just the boy and Dave

But they live happy and long
And the boy grows up quick
Their relation is very strong
Their bond is very big

And every Thursday night
Through the window they see
the stars that shine so bright
like the smile of dear Daisy

Jennifer Kalkhoven 3/2/2006